#36 Christmas 4-Pix
4 x 4" Beech  $46.
4.5 x 2.25"
#34 Birds/Flowers
4 x 4" Beech  $46. 
Multiple-Design Springerle Boards
for making good impressions and smART cookies!
Antique-inspired springerles with 2, 4, or 6 designs per board!  Your 2" wide strip of dough can be "printed" - one row at a time. 

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HOBI Cookie Molds
#39 - Old-Fashioned Six Pix  >
Inspired by an Antique
6 x 4" Cherry   $68.
#112 Twelve Days $138.
9 X 5.5 X 3/4" Cherry 
Heirloom, collectible quality!
#35 Four Fruits 
4x4"  Beech  $49. 
  [Below] Six Pix Christmas 6 x 4" Cherry wood Springerle Presses
#38-2  $69.                        #38-1 $65. 
Two-Sided   6 x 4" Springerle has all 12 designs of both Christmas design six pix molds shown above!!  Cherry #38-12  $128.
Signed on bottom edge >                                  
>>>>   #38-2  is one side of our
 2-sided springerle mold
The springerle cookie will show every detail: the lighted candles, trimming and star of the Christmas tree, the "Noel" of the ornament, etc.
This design #38-1​ is exclusively ours and has been a favorite for decades!
4 x 2" Springerle Boards

#30 -Bunny/Basket $25.
#31 - Floral Two (Antique design) $23. 
#32 - Snowman/Tree $27.        #29- Cross/Lamb $25.
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"Springerle cookies arranged on a platter for all to admire will leave your guests gasping!" 

S. Karnasiewicz, Wall Street Journal, 2011
Liking or not liking ANISE is
                        determined  by

We recommend
 oil or orange as an alternative for anise in such cookies prepared for wedding receptions and/or gifting.
 "I just wanted to let you know that my cousin and 
I got together and made Springerles with the beautiful cookie molds we bought back such fond memories of my Mother and I making  these cookies!  We were able to pass this tradition on to our children which meant a lot to both of us."
M.S., DeSoto, MO 11/27/2010
​"We still have, treasured and displayed, the two original double-sided Springerle Boards  brought from Germany to Decatur Colorado about 1882, carved by the father of the daughter emigrating to America.  Six generations of our family shared this tradition of springerle baking for 130 years before retiring the original boards.  I saw a similar hand-carved one-sided antique for sale for 'yikes' $900.
For the past 5 years we have found 3 or 4 small fairly good replicas, though not hand-carved and no comparison to those you have created.
And now, I've found your website!  There should be an award for your website as well as your craft. Thank you!  Such beautiful masterpieces all.  I have ordered your 'Twelve Days of Christmas' and the tradition goes on for another 135 years."
Kathy R., Colorado  11/28/2016
4 PIX 

5 X 5" MAPLE 
" World's Smallest Multiple Design Springerle Presses"

#WSN                    #WSX   

Each press measures only 1.9 x 1.9"
$22. each

​Christmas Ornament - Cookie Presses
TREE -SNOWMAN - TREE                                       GB  BOY - WREATH - NATIVITY
3.5x1.5" Presses

< #TST         #BWN >

Screw-eye for hanging
$18.50 each
Multiple-Design Springerle Boards
for making good impressions and smART cookies!