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Quantity      Item No.        Description                                    Wood Prefer.       Total
______         ______       ________________________        ______         ______
______        ______        ________________________        ______         ______
______        ______        ________________________        ______         ______
______        ______        ________________________        ______         ______
______        ______        ________________________        ______         ______
______        ______        ________________________        ______         ______
______        ______        ________________________        ______         ______

[______]    One free 16 Page Recipe/Instruction Booklet   
[______]    Additional free Recipe Books to be included with these gifts
[______]    Additional recipe booklets @.50 ea or color catalogs @ $2. ea.         

[   ] FIRST TIME I've ordered  [    ] I'm a RETURNING CUSTOMER
[   ] Please include one free copy of 12 page, 2019-2020 color catalog. 
[   ] Don't need a catalog or mailings as I will order using your website.

Shipping to USA: 
Merchandise Total LESS than $60 ADD $5. / $61-$120. ADD $8.
$120-$250, ADD $12.                       . >>>>>>>>>>           Merchandise Total:  ______
$250-$400, ADD $15                        Sales Tax 8.1% (IL Residents Only):  ______
Over $400, add $19.50                                 *Shipping Charges: ______
CANADA: Add $4. to above shipping costs 
Use money order or check in US Dollars                   TOTAL ENCLOSED:  ______

Ordering is as simple as ABC: 
A]  Print out Order Form 
B] Complete Order Form;
[C] Enclose check or money order and mail.  We'll ship within 3 days. 
NOTE: Measurements (in inches) refer to the size of the mold - NOT the size of the cookie shape produced.
Make checks or money orders payable to Gene Wilson or HOBI
PayPal Invoicing is an option for orders of any size.  E-mail us a list of items and your shipping address and your PayPal connected e-mail will receive invoice for speedy payment and shipping.  

**Wood preference:Beech [B] or Cherry [C] 
You may request B or C or E [either). We'll attempt to honor your preference   
Molds and stamps are stocked in a food-safe "B" finish.
Should an item fail to meet your expectations, return it for a  replacement or a full refund - including return postage.
Outside US delivery for any order...   E-mail me a list of items to be ordered and your precise shipping address and I'll respond with a quote  [total payment including shipping charges] 
Payment Options    
[1] Mail check or money order 
in USD to us at P O Box 25, 
Belleville, IL 62222
We prefer this payment 
for all orders mailed  within USA  
 is an optionPayPal[2] Currently 
for orders of any size. 
E-mail us a list of items being ordered and  shipping address.  We then generate a  PAYPAL INVOICE that includes shipping charges.
"Thank you so very much for the prompt fulfillment of my order!  I was ready to wait out the weeks. 
I will definitely be ordering some in the future. Best regards and  Happy  Holidays!"  - Lucy Guerrero
Many Molds are Available in Your Choice of Finish:
"A"  unfinished, raw sanded wood.  NOT highly recommended except for butter stamps and molds.
"B"  food safe salad bowl finish brings out the wood's natural beauty.  This super finish makes it easier than ever to make a good first impression!  Nearly all stamps andmolds are stocked in this finish.  It is non-glossy and makes for easy clean-up.

To Get Started, PRINT OUT the order form at the top of this page...