10/8/2010: "The Windmill and Sinterklaus cookie molds arrived, and I must say they were better than the pictures,  most impressive. I used the recipe for Speculaas, and following the instructions I got quite good at tapping out the molded cookies. They were a great hit."    - P. Vandyke, VA
Heirloom Dutch Girl #88 or Dutch Boy #89 
 Cookies 4.7" Tall   6 x 3.5"   Cherry $43. ea.
HOBI Cookie Molds
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#80 Cat  $44.
6.5 x  4"  Cherry
Cookies 5.1" Tall

#87 Dutch Rocking Horse
4 x 4.5" Hardwood  $34.
Cookies 3.5" Tall  

Gene, son of a dairy farmer, had collected antique butter molds in the '60s but a Dutch speculaasplank was the first cookie mold he purchased [1970's].  The Wilson family visited a Dutch carver of speculaas molds in Amsterdam in 1975.  At that time the carver said there were perhaps 60-70 such carvers of cookie molds in the Netherlands - today, there are very few.
 #90  LAMB
 6x4"  Cherry  $38.
Sinter- klaas
12 x 5.4"
#81 Heirloom
Nicholas on
8 x 5" 
Cherry  $98.
Dutch Speculaas = Belgium Speculoos = German Spekulatius
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The Art of Anton Pieck 
Dutch Illustrator, 1895-1987 
The Dutch call these fragrant cookies speculaasjes. 
The cookies are associated with the Dutch feast of Sinterklaas.
#83 Small WINDMILL
5 X 2.75" Cherry

The Art of Anton Pieck 
Dutch Illustrator, 1895-1987



Cherry wood 
9 x 3.5" 

Cookie figures
7.7" Tall

$155. pair
or $80. each

Dutch-Style Speculaas Molds
for making good impressions and smART cookies!
#85 Windmill & Ship $44. 
 #84 Ship 4.25x2.7" $16.
 #83  Windmill only 5x2.75" $34.

13 Oct '10:  "I am getting ready for my 4th year of making Speculaas.  The boards I purchased from you are great, and the tricks you provided in the booklet are a lifesaver - following instructions has allowed me to produce perfectly molded cookies right from the start!  Your molds are so much better than anything I see in the shops."  Cassandra
Dutch-Style Speculaas Molds
for making good impressions and smART cookies!
 Speculaas cookies are shaped in a wooden mold
[1] fill mold cavity with dough,  [2] finger-pat around edges and [3] tap to release edible-art cookie dough castings that are ready for baking.
   We sell functional hand carved collectibles, NOT mass-produced resin or plastic copies  
American Crafted - Old World European Style and Quality - Universal Appeal
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#45-2 Nutcracker Speculaas  $54.
 7.5 x 3.85"  
Cookies 6.2" Tall
The Belgian pastry "speculoos" belongs to a large family of honey cakes that have come down to us through many centuries.  The dough takes on the shapes of the molds used.  On Dec 6th good children find a Saint Nicholas speculoos in their shoes. In Belgium, folklore and good eating go together.  
"Speculoos" may be derived from the Latin [speculum] meaning mirror since the cookie is a mirror image of the mold.  Others recall the episcopal title of Saint Nicholas and associate the biscuits name as originating from the word speculator which means bishop - and there are other interpretations.
Martha Stewart used  #88 & #89 in her Netherlands Cookie Show [Episode #911]:
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Our Belleville Artistry in Wood Carving Show
Celebrating 50 years will not be held this year due to COVID.

Next year, first weekend of November 
we will celebrate 50 years of this club's art show in spectacular fashion here in Belleville, IL
6 x 3.5"  $43. ea.

#297 Flower Lady 
 #298 Horn Player

#299 Both on 
11.5 x 3.5"  $79.