10/8/2010: "The Windmill and Sinterklaus cookie molds arrived, and I must say they were better than the pictures,  most impressive. I used the recipe for Speculaas, and following the instructions I got quite good at tapping out the molded cookies. They were a great hit."    - P. Vandyke, VA
Heirloom Dutch Girl #88 or Dutch Boy #89 
 Cookies 4.7" Tall   6 x 3.5"   Cherry $43. ea.
HOBI Cookie Molds
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#80 Cat  $44.
6.5 x  4"  Cherry
Cookies 5.1" Tall

#87 Dutch Rocking Horse
4 x 4.5" Hardwood  $34.
Cookies 3.5" Tall  

Gene, son of a dairy farmer, had collected antique butter molds in the '60s but a Dutch speculaasplank was the first cookie mold he purchased [1970's].  The Wilson family visited a Dutch carver of speculaas molds in Amsterdam in 1975.  At that time the carver said there were perhaps 60-70 such carvers of cookie molds in the Netherlands - today, there are very few.
 #90  LAMB
 6x4"  Cherry  $38.
Sinter- klaas
12 x 5.4"
#81 Heirloom
Nicholas on
8 x 5" 
Cherry  $98.
Dutch Speculaas = Belgium Speculoos = German Spekulatius
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The Art of Anton Pieck 
Dutch Illustrator, 1895-1987 
The Dutch call these fragrant cookies speculaasjes. 
The cookies are associated with the Dutch feast of Sinterklaas.
#83 Small WINDMILL
5 X 2.75" Cherry

The Art of Anton Pieck 
Dutch Illustrator, 1895-1987



Cherry wood 
9 x 3.5" 

Cookie figures
7.7" Tall

$155. pair
or $80. each

Dutch-Style Speculaas Molds
for making good impressions and smART cookies!
#85 Windmill & Ship $44. 
 #84 Ship 4.25x2.7" $16.
 #83  Windmill only 5x2.75" $34.

13 Oct '10:  "I am getting ready for my 4th year of making Speculaas.  The boards I purchased from you are great, and the tricks you provided in the booklet are a lifesaver - following instructions has allowed me to produce perfectly molded cookies right from the start!  Your molds are so much better than anything I see in the shops."  Cassandra
Dutch-Style Speculaas Molds
for making good impressions and smART cookies!
 Speculaas cookies are shaped in a wooden mold
[1] fill mold cavity with dough,  [2] finger-pat around edges and [3] tap to release edible-art cookie dough castings that are ready for baking.
   We sell functional hand carved collectibles, NOT mass-produced resin or plastic copies  
American Crafted - Old World European Style and Quality - Universal Appeal
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#45-2 Nutcracker Speculaas  $54.
 7.5 x 3.85"  
Cookies 6.2" Tall
The Belgian pastry "speculoos" belongs to a large family of honey cakes that have come down to us through many centuries.  The dough takes on the shapes of the molds used.  On Dec 6th good children find a Saint Nicholas speculoos in their shoes. In Belgium, folklore and good eating go together.  
"Speculoos" may be derived from the Latin [speculum] meaning mirror since the cookie is a mirror image of the mold.  Others recall the episcopal title of Saint Nicholas and associate the biscuits name as originating from the word speculator which means bishop - and there are other interpretations.
Martha Stewart used  #88 & #89 in her Netherlands Cookie Show [Episode #911]:
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