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HOBI Cookie Molds
2020 Availability List 

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"Our carvings are reverse-carved (intaglio) molds for use as 'dough-shapers.'  Each of the designs of COOKIE STAMPS have a knob handle and the hand-carved, round mold portion which is used for 'printing'  rolled cookie dough or (more simply) BALLS OF CHILLED DOUGH .  Our SPRINGERLE BOARDS have a hanging hole for display and are used for pressing images on rolled dough which is then air-dried before baking to as 'set' the designs to be a perfect reflection of the carving.  We also offer SPECULAAS & GINGERBREAD MOLDS which have a shallow cavity which prints and shapes the chilled dough into fancy picture-cookie figures of edible-art."   

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CUTTERS ~ All Available
#C-1 Pastry Wheel $4.
# C-2 Fluted 2.5" dia. $4.
#C-3 Fluted 3.5" dia.  $4.
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        We sell functional hand carved originals, NOT mass-produced resin or plastic copies  
        American Crafted - Old World European Style and Quality - Universal Appeal
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Our Belleville Artistry in Wood Carving Show
 will not be held this year due to COVID.  

Next year, first weekend of November 
we will celebrate 50 years of this club's art show    in spectacular fashion here in Belleville, IL
UNFORTUNATELY, Gene Wilson is retiring and will not be carving and signing finished molds after 12/31/2020.  Many of his heirloom designs will not be available after the present inventory is sold out. His unsold  inventory, and this web site's offerings, will continue for an undetermined time as the property and responsibility of Gene's niece Karen and nephew Allen H Buchheit. 
FORTUNATELY, our current inventory has many of the 120+ items           ready for shipping 
2020 Availability List 

What Gene and Allen are working on now...
#1Thistle Stamp
#49 Hummingbird Stamp
#55 Cow Butter Stamp
Just completed:
#38-1 Six Pix Christmas   Up Next:
Santa with Toys