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HOBI Cookie Molds ~ SPRING 2019
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Gene and June Wilson ~ HOBI Cookie Molds ~ P. O. Box 25 ~ Belleville IL 62222
Large Molds Have Limited Availability

    Gene has designed, carved, and offered several large gingerbread designs.  Only a few of these heirloom molds are carved each year and thus the limited availability.  He presently offers, King William and 
Queen Mary as a set and Saint 
Nicholas - all carved boards being 
12" tall. He also offers St. George
and the Dragon, Colonial Couple, 
Sweetheart and Prince carvings.. 
A Washington on Horseback will 
be offered within the next year.  
    Shortbread double-thistle rounds 
which are internationally popular are 
available in a variety of sizes

Gene Discontinues "Custom Designs"

    In 2005, Gene did 26 custom cookie mold carvings for Disney.  The two-dimensional designs were created by Disney artists and transformed by Gene into 3-D intaglio carvings of American cherry wood.  The carvings ranged from 4 to 16 inches in diameter and have been installed as part of the wooden cabinetry (casework) embellishments of the popular Disney Confectionery in Tokyo.  The "molds" will not be used for shaping dough, but simply to enhance the charm and theme of this shop that sells sweets, nuts, and fruits.  Gene found the Disney character carvings (Minnie and Goofy) to be 
a challenge'

​        Scroll down to the bottom of this web page to see a photo of Disney's Tokyo Confectionery cabinetry utilizing Gene's molds.

     Later in 2005, Smithsonian executive chef Richard Hetzler submitted designs [used at the National Museum of the American Indian in Washington DC] to Gene, asking him to carve these designs as cookie molds for shaping large shortbread cookies.  The Indian design molds carved by Gene (shown below) were used by Maribeth's Bakery of VA for shaping Smithsonian cookies sold at the museum. 

       Gene has retired from custom carving and refers such requests to Russ Hamilton   RNBwoodart@gmail.com 

 Heidelberg Haus 
    Gene and June recently visited with the "Happy Baker" Juergen Jungbauer [J.J.] in Indianapolis.  He was a delight as was his Cafe, Gift Shop, Museum, and Bakery.

Gene and June Wilson ~ HOBI Cookie Molds ~ P. O. Box 25 ~ Belleville IL 62222
Personalized Wedding and Birth Molds Return Due to Popular Demand

     Wedding/Anniversary Molds & Stamps: Our popular beech wood Penn-Dutch Wedding Heart Mold is being offered again for the first time in several years. It is offered in American cherry wood. Another popular personalized item, the Lovebirds Wedding Stamp, has been resized... see it on our Personalized Molds web page.

     Additional personalized molds have been added including: Rag Doll, Gingerbread Boy, Gingerbread Girl, Rocking Horse, Teddy Bear and ​Alpine Boy.
New Web Page Featuring the Carvings of Gene's Apprentice Allen Buchheit

      It's no secret that Gene, now in his 80's has long been interested in finding a family member who is interested in continuing his passion for carving of wooden molds and the whole cookie mold tradition.​
Large, Antique-Inspired SANTA Deep Cavity Spekulatius Mold

     One of Gene's newer designs is a large, deep-cavity Santa mold carved in premium American cherry wood. It shapes 10" tall figure cookies that have all the hallmarks of molds carved in Germany a century ago.  This mold fulfills the request of our customers who have asked Gene to carve  an antique-inspired Santa equal to his large, foot-tall Saint Nicholas mold​.
    Gene's nephew. Allen Buchheit, has been working as an apprentice for over two years. He has shown the interest and patience needed to develop the skills of a cookie mold carver.  Hopefully, his interest and carving skills will continue to develop so as to allow an eventual transition of HOBI COOKIE MOLDS from the Wilson to the Buchheit family.
Places to See and Buy Our Molds

     The Annual Belleville Woodcarvers Show (early November  each year features 100+ designs of our molds displayed at our 32' booth at the front of the Belle-Clair Expo Hall (Fairgrounds building). Free Parking, $4 Admission. 
     Belleville's  Chriskindlmarkt on the city square  [Nov. 23rd 'til Dec 23rd] includes a display and of Gene's most popular holiday design available for purchase.. 
​Belleville Illinois hosts one of the finest Art Shows in the country ART ON THE SQUARE, one of the oldest wood carving shows in the country, and now hosts an increasingly popular Christkindlmarkt!
13 of the 26 molds carved by Gene for Disney's Tokyo Confectionery are pointed out <<< in this 2007 photo:
5 above
​Click on above Thumbnail
What's New?  Butter Prints! 
The half-round prints of the Vigilant Cow and American Eagle are now available.