Weeks 1 & 2:

Preparing to Carve 
"Twelve Days of Christmas" 
[1]  Select lumber (beech and cherry) cut to "blanks" of same width and length.
[2]  Blanks squared.
[3] Blanks sanded on both sides and four edges.
[3] Blanks "lined off" on router table (6 different settings required).
[4] Patterns (12 per board) individually heat transferred.

 Time Required: 1-2 weeks    
Week 3-5:
 Carving of
 "Twelve Days of Christmas" Molds:

Week 3:
Day 1: Small straight bit
Day 2: 1/8" round bit
Day 3: 3/8" round bit
Days 4 & 5: "V" bit

Weeks 4 & 5:
Various round and "V" bits  set at different depths. 
Heat transfer of pattern to dress of Day 9 figure.

Time Required: 2-3 weeks   
Week 8: Sanding & Finishing of "Twelve Days of Christmas" Molds:
[1] Molds drilled with hanging hole and signed on back with number, date and carver's name, Gene Wilson.     [2] Back and front surfaces sanded.     [3] All grooves of front hand-sanded with folded sandpaper.     [4] Molds vacuumed and finished with first coat of food-safe salad bowl finish.     [5] Light "flap" sanding.  [6] Second coat applied.  [7] Mold double-checked for detail of all twelve designs.    [8] Label applied. 
Time Required: 1 week (30-40 hours)  
Hand Carved Picture-Cookie Molds
Carving of Twelve Days of Christmas
Hand Carved Picture-Cookie Molds
 Carving of Twelve Days of Christmas 
Gene began carving 60 Springerle Boards in 8/2011   4+ hours per mold required, a total of 240+ hours!  All 60 were completed by 9/2011.  He carved 27 boards in 2012  and carved both cherry & beech molds in 2013.  He carved only cherry molds in 2014-16.  No molds of this design carved in 2017. ​

HOBI Cookie Molds
American Crafted ~ Old World Style ~ Universal Appeal
 We sell only Gene Wilson's original woodcarvings, NOT resin copies
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HOBI Cookie Molds
Week 3, Day 1 (above)

Week 3, Days 2 & 3 (below)
Week 3, Days 4 & 5 (above)
Week 4 (below)
Weeks 6-7: Final detailing 
of Days 8-12 Figures 

This is tedious carving.  
Carving details are 
periodically checked with 
soft clay (sculpy dough) 

Time Required: 1-2 weeks