Picture-Cookie Molds
Carved by Allen Buchheit
 Picture-Cookie Molds
Carved by Allen Buchheit
#182-AB Hen on Nest                #181-AB Rooster
5.5 x 4" $33.                        5.5 x 4"  $33.
Cherry Wood, Cookies  4" Tall
#163-AB Speculaas House Mold      5.5 x 4"  $33.
Cherry Wood, Cookies  4" Tall
 #164-AB Wreath     #167-AB Springerle     #166-AB Thistle  Stamp 2.3" dia.           4 x 2" Beech       Stamp 2.3" dia.  $17.                        $18.                    $17.    
#144-AB ANGEL 
Speculaas Mold

6 X 4" Cherry  $39.

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Scroll down to see some remarkable detail and comments on our most recent carvings...
"​My nephew Allen (above) and his son Chris have
worked with me 
for a few years. 
Allen is learning 
router & wood 
turning skills so
as to continue
 my unique style
of cookie mold 
carving with hand-held tools."

-- Gene Wilson, 2017 
"HOBI HIKER" is ready to hit the trail!
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#193-AB  $29. Gingerbread 
Kids Mold
9 x 3"  Hardwood

Cookies 3.25" tall 

 Easy to use due to more mold area to hold on to while "knocking out" cookie shapes. 
#98 Cutter works well with the small cookie stamps    $4.
  We sell original carvings, NOT resin copies                  American Crafted - Old World Style - Universal Appeal

2 x 2" Solid Hardwood Christmas Ornaments
Carved BOTH SIDES by Allen Buchheit
#O-4: Set of Four (our choice) $32.
#O: Single Ornament: $10.
List  Design Preference:
#OS -Snowman
#OT -Tree
#OW -Wreath
#OD -Peace Dove
#OC -Candles
#A -Angel

Front Sides (Varies)             Screw-eye for hanging             Back Side (Snowflake/Holly)
#B-93 or #G-93
Boy or Girl
5.5 X 3.25"    $20
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i4 Pix Christmas Springerle 
4 x 4" Hardwood

Item # 136-AB
Note the difference in the two angel molds.  This can be seen better in the enlarged clay casting photos of
the faces shown here! Hand carved cookie MOLDS are not "cookie cutter" identical as are resin molds.
Angel #44                    Angel #44
Much of the (negative, intaglio) carved detail of our molds can only be appreciated when the mold is used to create the positive relief cookies.  Gene and Allen often use clay to be certain the designs being carved as as functional as they are decorative. 
Carving faces is challenging but enjoyable as each face (and each carving) is unique! 

Click on the thumbprints on these web pages to see the ENLARGED DETAIL 
as this will help you to better appreciate the individual hand carved quality of our molds...

  Angel #44    Angel  #44     Nutcracker  #45-B     St Nicholas #41           Sm Windmill #83 

Angel, Nutcracker and St. Nicholas on Web page 4                           Windmill on Web page 2

Visitors of our website have commented that they often see a negative (mold) image when looking at a positive (cookie) image... and vice versa.  The eyes and brain are easily confused by such images and shadows as Gene learned on his first flight over the family farm in 1949.  His eyes saw a "bomb crater" but his brain realized it was only a large haystack!