Thumbing Through Baking With Cookie Molds, First Ed.:
Gene gives a "thumbs up" critique and shares his personal comments on Anne's Book that features 8 or more of his molds

​If you have Anne L. Watson's BAKING WITH COOKIE MOLDS... you will want  this webpage for reference,e
Cover: Features our Saint Nicholas mold #41, 8.5 x 3.5"  $64.

Intro Pages: Cookie from our #41 mold and six-point star cookie from our popular #97 mold 3.5 x 4"   $40.

Page 8: Cookie from our large angel mold #44 6.5 x 5"  $58.

Page 15: Our #44 mold

Page 16: Our large St. Nicholas #47 12 x 5.5"  $128.

Page 19: Not our mold but similar to our #43 St. Nicholas on Horseback  8 x 5"  $92.

Page 23: Not our mold.  Or more detailed thistle rounds will again be available in 2016.

Page 27: Not our mold but similar to our Gingerbread Hornbook Mold #615  6.3 x 3.5"  $48.

Page 34: Not our mold but similar to our King William and Queen Mary molds, 12 x 5.5" $250/Pair

Page 35: Not our ship and windmill mold but a bit similiar to #85 8.5 x 2.75  $40.

Page 40: Similar to our Queen Mary mold

Page 42: Our large nutcracker #46  8 x 4"  $58
(also available in a smaller size}

Page 49: Our large angel #44 and our springerle trumpeting angel #25 3  4.5"  $36.

Page 58: Our #41 mold again.

Pages 69-79: Anne's instructions for use of this mold require more time and patience than most of us possess.  One can fill the cavity of any such deep cavity mold with dough and the mold tapped to release the cookie casting.  Admittedly this approach risks some potential disaster on the first try but it is much more time efficent if one is trying to produce dozens of such figures.  Cutting away excess dough around such figure cookies is OK if one wants only one or two perfect cookies. However, most bakers want dozens of cookies with a reasonable investment of time and energy.  Except for the most complex shapes, filling the cavity and tapping the mold  to release the shaped figure is the way to go if you are to making cookies for profit and wish to succeed in business without really crying or your business dying!

Page 80: Two of our 3" cookie stamps.  The #1 Double Thistle at $32 is one of our most popular stamps.

Pages 84-87: Again, Anne's method is OK stamping one or two perfect round cookies.  However, those wanting to produce dozens or hundreds (yes, it done quite often) can easily do so by following the instructions in our recipe booklet.  You simply roll all the dough into small balls, chill, and then flatten with the stamp to produce lovely cookie rounds quickly and efficiently.  Our metal cutters can trim the edges for those desiring greater uniformity and perfection.

Pages 90-95:  The steps shown work well. The use of the pastry wheel as shown on page 104 is recommended.  It is usually wise to press only a portion of a larger size (multiple design) springerle board in order to insure that ALL of the carving's DETAIL is reflected in the cookie castings!

Page 99:  Springerle rolling pins are, in my opinion, best used by professional bakers.  Those of us baking cookies 2 to 3 times each year would find the springele rolling pin a difficult tool to use.

Page 114:Again, our #25 trumpeting angel springerle mold.

Page 153: Not our mold but similar to our wedding bells stamp #66  $19.

Page161:One of our most popular molds: #3 Double Thistle 6 x 4"  $45.

Page 177: Not our mold but similar to one being carved for debut later

Page 198: Not our mold but a bit similar to our #95 Edelweiss Heart Mold #95  5.5 x 4"  $34.
​BAKING WITH Cookie Molds by Anne L. Watson 

In this groundbreaking book, Anne restores cookie molds to an honored place in the baker's kitchen by revealing long-lost secrets to their use. 
With Anne's techniques and recipes,tasty cookies with lovely, detailed designs will literally fall from the mold into your hand.
With nearly two dozen recipes and over six dozen photos, BAKING WITH COOKIE MOLDS will quickly have you shaping cookies that both amaze and delight your senses!
2010 First Edition, 212 Pages, B & W Paperback  $14..
2016 3rd Ed., 212 Pages, Paperback, Color $20.
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Manufacturers are re-formulating margarine in response to regulations regarding trans-fats. They are substituting palm oil for other oils, etc.

Anne L. Watson writes: "I've found the effect of this change in margarine on  the MOLDED COOKIES is not good. The dough is sticky and adding more  flour makes the cookies brittle.Therefore, we're taking margarine out of our recipes in BAKING WITH COOKIE MOLDS."